Appium is built on the idea that testing native apps shouldn’t require including an SDK or recompiling your app. And that you should be able to use your preferred test practices, frameworks, and tools. Appium is an open source project and has made design and tool decisions to encourage a vibrant contributing community.




  • Introduction to Mobile Automation Testing
  • Introduction to Appium
  • Automation for IOS and Android devices
  • Difference between Appium and Selendroid
  • Various tools available for Mobile Automation testing


  • Download & install Appium
  • Installation of SDK for Android
  • Installation of API’s for Android
  • Configuration of Environment Variables
  • Installing the Eclipse ADT Plugin
  • Appium Installation on Windows OS
  • Configuring & Executing scripts on Emulator and Real Devices


  • Opening UI Automator Viewer through SDK tools kit
  • Understanding the different locator tags
  • What is the Appium Inspector?
  • How and When to run it?
  • Record and Play using Appium Inspector
  • WebDriver Scripts for Mobile Native Apps and Webs Apps Testing
  • Running Native Apps
  • Developing Scripts for Native Apps & Web Apps Execution
  • Developing Scripts for Web Apps and Execution
  • Reporting Result


  • Desired Capabilities for Appium
  • Concept of Apk file, AppActivityName and AppPackage
  • How to get Apk file, AppActivityName and AppPackage for any application
  • Is Apk file necessary to test App-Not in all cases
  • AppiumDriver and Remote WebDriver classes
  • Launching System Hybrid Apps
  • Preventing Appium from deleting and reinstalling App
  • Launching other user installed Hybrid Apps
  • Checking whether App is installed on the phone
  • Launching native Apps like call functionality, contacts, Messages etc.
  • Always quit Appium –Mandatory
  • Identifying Elements
  • Concept of UI Automater
  • Understanding of Appium Layouts
  • Tagname not supported
  • FindElement and FindElements By Appium UI Automator
  • Using UI Selector class in UI Automator API
  • Finding by class name
  • Detecting the presence of Elements
  • Building Xpaths
  • Challenges faced in finding Elements and with around
  • Waiting-Implicit Wait and Explicit Wait
  • Dial a number and make a call with a script
  • Sending a message to the targeted person with Appium
  • Using UI Automater in Compressed layout
  • Finding Multiple Elements
  • Finding Elements inside Elements
  • ComplexFind and Mobile Element
  • Finding Elements with Multiple criteria complexFind
  • Selector Key Codes
  • Finding elements by text using Appium UI Commands
  • Using Assertions
  • Finding Selected Elements
  • Getting Value from TextView
  • Finding Selected Elements
  • Clear Value of a Textview
  • Configuring Appium on Simulator
  • Installing Simulator
  • Running Scripts on Simulator


  • Getting and storing the Appium App XML View
  • When to use the Android XML viewer
  • Launching XML view from web driver
  • Finding Elements in XML view
  • Finding Scroll List elements in XML view
  • You can do anything with XML View
  • Limitations of the XML view


  • Touch Events
  • Appium Key Events like Home, Backspace, delete etc
  • Wait for Actions
  • Dragging And Dropping Elements
  • Long press and delete elements
  • Handling Toggle buttons
  • Pinching, tapping, holding
  • Finding a contact and call contact
  • Take a pic from camera
  • Building a simple test and parameterizing
  • Customizing Test Reports
  • How to take data from txt files
  • How to create a txt file
  • How to add all app information in txt file
  • How to create an html file
  • How to create the customized HTML Reports
  • Uploading /Downloading files
  • Building Testcases on WhatsApp
  • Building test cases on wats App
  • The testing the chat feature of wats App
  • Change Wats app profile pic
  • Deleting chat on wats app
  • Find a friend on wats app


  • Launching browser with Appium
  • Make sure you have the correct desired capabilities
  • When launch fails
  • Firing Various commands on browser
  • Will UI Automator work here?
  • How do I identify objects in Mobile Browser?
  • Will AppiumDriver Commands work on a browser?


  • Running Native Apps
  • Developing Scripts for Native Apps and Execution
  • Developing Scripts for Web apps and Execution
  • Reporting Results


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